My Progress

Well to be honest my writing has suffered a little (a lot) lately. The thoughts of sitting down to my PC or new (old) typewriter is very depressing after a long day at work. My writing method has always been a little strange. I have a tendancy to still, even in this day and age to sit down with my notebook and pen and just scribble until I actually find the time to sit down at the PC and do some work. Thanks to Nano (The National Novel Writing Month) I find it easier to sit down and type and bypass the whole getting stuck because of editing as I write the story. Nano taught me to just write, set your goal of however many words and write until the story is finished and then you can go back once its done and edit til your hearts content. I know that this seems to make sense to most people but for me I would get stuck at a point and then decide to go back over the story and start fixing things. This led to me being unable to get out of the block and due to this I have a lot of work that is maybe half done.

So having decided to try my hand at a Mills and Boon Bodice Ripper of the Supernatural persuasion I am applying all that I learned by doing Nano and attending write-ins. But also a little more. At the end of the page I have notes for myself telling me what I would like to add, what i would like to change and so on and so forth. This, shockingly has been what has helped me the most in not giving into the urge to stop writing and go back and edit.

Most Mills and Boo books being 50,000 words that is what I am aiming for and at the moment I am at 15K words. And I am actually proud of myself. I want to finish the story at around the 45k mark because of things I want to add in and parts of the story I want to add more depth to will most likely bring me up to and past the 50k mark.

In a previous post I asked where Scottish accents still sexy or seriously overdone, I posted the same on Twitter and Facebook and was surprised at the response! Scottish accents still rule! YAY! So because i don’t actually know anyone with a Scottish accent I have been trawling the internet in search of a translator of sorts that converts speech into speech with that special way the Scots speaks. That failing at the moment I am going through all and I mean ALL my books that have a hero that speaks in spine tingling Scottish tongue and trying to piece my own dictionary of sorts together. Between doing that, writing a book, work, my love life, organising a wedding, putting my boot in Christian’s ass to get him to study, housework, looking after the dogs and cats and walking the dogs and helping my mates out on their farm my life is very very full. Sleep has suffered because of this so I am constantly carrying bags under my eyes and most days I tend to forget to eat. At least I do until about 10pm and then I eat and that of course does not help with the sleeping. i have to admit though I am getting better at organising my time better and all I can say is THANK GOD Christian does most of the cooking. But I do intend to set aside some time this week to do a bit of baking. I am thinking of making my own wedding cake so I am playing around with ideas of the cake and how to decorate it.

Anyway I am off work this week so the plan is to spend at least 3 days of 7 writing a bit and then 3 doing work around the house and baking and then spending one entire day in bed watching bad chick flicks and reading. Bring on the bliss.

Happy writing
Love ya
E xxxxx

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